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Advocacy, Arbitration and Adjudication

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Team Solutions can offer all of these services to employers and employees equally according to the needs of any particular case.

The processes are briefly described as follows:

Arbitration is a process whereby the parties to a dispute, agree to the appointment of an Arbitrator to hear the dispute. In the Arbitration Hearing the parties state their views, offer evidence at an arbitration hearing, and agree to let the arbitrator make a decision that will end the dispute. In most cases, once the Arbitrator hears the evidence, he or she hands down a binding decision. There is, however, also non-binding arbitration where the disputing parties put their case before an impartial third party who renders an opinion or recommendation, which the parties may choose to accept or not..

Adjudication is a similar process to Arbitration, but is usually shorter and can be an interim finding with the parties free to pursue the matter further at a later date if they are not happy with the Adjudicator’s decision. Referrals to adjudication are increasing significantly as confidence in the process grows.

Advocacy is a service whereby a third party represents the client in either formal legal proceedings or negotiations. Team Solutions can offer advocacy service to clients and / or their employees on a case by case basis according to need. This can include:

Advocacy on behalf of one party in an employer / employee dispute.

Advocacy on behalf of either employers or employees at employment tribunals.

Advocacy on behalf of employers in disputes they may have with clients, suppliers, agents and other third parties.

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